Harper’s Big Girl Bed and Room Update

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It happened! We transitioned our toddler to her big kid bed. We shared about the big update to her room just over a year ago, right before her brother was born, but this feels like an even bigger occasion! This was one of the scarier transitions (there are so. many. transitions.), but she did SO much better than I expected! I have had my eye on this adorable bed from Ikea for the longest time, but it is ALWAYS out of stock. I set up notifications so I would find out when it was back in stock and grabbed it immediately when my store got it back and I am so so happy I did.

One of the really nice things about this one is that it extends from a toddler size up to a twin size so she will be able to use it for years to come. We started off at the smallest size so that she was both shocked by not having bars on her crib AND having a ton more space, and I think that helped her feel safer. We have since extended the bed to the middle length (honestly, just so Nick and I can lay down with her while we read at night), and she didn’t even notice the change.

The real VIP in this transition has been her Hatch Rest sound machine. We have been using it for the white noise since she was born, but about 6 months ago, I started having a green light turn on around the time that we were ok with her waking up (preparing for the day we transitioned her out of the crib). She has gotten so used the the green light that she waits until it turns on in the morning before even attempting to come out of her room! If she’s awake, as soon as the light turns on she runs to her door and knocks on it until we come in (we did not tell her she had to knock, but she started doing it on her own and it is so funny). Once we open the door she runs and points at her Hatch and says “Mommy, it’s green!!”

I’m sure that one day she will remember that she knows how to open her door and will end up at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night staring at me… which will give me nightmares…


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I’d love to hear about anyone else’s experience transitioning their kids? What worked for you? Comment and let me know!


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