We Painted Our Kitchen Island GREEN!

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When we bought this house, we were fortunate that our kitchen was in really great shape, and recently updated. It really didn’t NEED anything, but it never quite felt like us. I kept coming back to the idea of painting the island green (like for over a year), and we finally just bit the bullet and did it! One thing about owning a home is that it is YOUR home so you should do what you can to love it. This may not be an update that everyone loves, but that is ok because my family loves it!

We hired someone to do this one since we were having some painting done elsewhere in our house and I wanted to get a really good finish on these cabinets. Our toddlers’ snack cabinet is in the island so it needs to be DURABLE!

Before committing to a color, which is always challenging, I gathered some inspiration and put together this mood board to make sure everything worked together. The only things that we changed were the wall color, cabinet color, pendant lights and cabinet hardware, but these few small changes made everything feel so much more grounded.

This is what our island looked like the morning they started the job:

They started by pulling off all the doors and drawer fronts to be sprayed at their shop. The plan after that was to lightly sand everything, put on 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint. As I mentioned, they sprayed the doors and drawer fronts and brushed and rolled the trim and cabinet boxes in our house. They used Zinsser Cover Stain primer and Emerald Urethayne Trim Enamel by Sherwin Williams for the paint.

Here is what it looked like after they primed it. I thought it was really smart that they used a dark tinted primer to save us from needing more coats of paint on the back end.

I am so so incredibly happy with the result. It is EVERYTHING I was hoping for.

Kitchen Sources

Pendant Lights | Pulls | Knobs | Runner | Wooden Counter Tray | White Vase | Faux Stems | Wood Serving Board | Wood Cheese Board

Island Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Shade-Grown

Wall Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Pure White


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