Top Power Tools to Get You Started in DIY

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I’m no professional, but I have learned A LOT over the last few years about tools and DIY so I thought it’d be helpful to put together the top power tools (in my opinion) to get you started!

1. Power Drill/Driver

This tool is an absolute must for everyone. DIYer or not, if you rent or own a home, it’s probably time to get one of these babies. You’ll use this for everything from hanging things on the walls to building things! This set of drill bits is a great thing to grab as well.

2. Nail Gun

This tool makings nailing in trim and building projects SO much easier and faster! This one is great because it’s cordless and super portable!

3. Circular Saw

This was the first saw I ever purchased and it’s super versatile! This can be used for long cuts on plywood, trimming down boards, and lots more. There are also accessories you can use like this rip cut guide or this track that will help you make straight, consistent cuts!

4. Mouse Sander

Helpful for so many reasons, but especially if you are planning to refinish and/or paint furniture!

5. Miter Saw

A miter saw is really great for cutting trim and other building projects. Miter saw blades can be adjusted to different angles for more precise and consistent cuts!

Hope this was helpful! Would you add anything to this list?


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