DIY Ideas for Updating a Vintage Bookcase

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When I brought home this Vintage Drexel Bookcase that I got from Facebook Marketplace, I mentioned that I was considering modifying it a bit. I have considered painting it, changing the doors, or putting a new arch on it. Before making any drastic changes though, I want to make sure I will like it. Sooo I put together some mockups (using Lightroom and Canva) and wanted to share some options with you!

Option 1: Keep it the same!

There is something about the way it is right now that feels nostalgic, and brings so much warmth to our space. For a while now, I have been wanting to incorporate more vintage pieces into our home, and keeping it in this original form seems like a really good option. Plus, it’s original form is pretty great (and makes my life easy)!

Option 2: Sand it down to a lighter color and seal it

The next route I could take would just be to sand it down and seal it to be a lighter tone. I have some lighter toned wood furniture throughout my home already so this could fit quite well!

Option 3: Stain it darker

I’m really feeling darker wood tones lately, and something about this feels cozy and rich. It might not be this tone exactly, but you see where I’m going with this.

Option 4: Paint it black

I feel like this is always a solid option. Black is timeless and fits with a lot of the other decor in our house (and ties in with the French doors right next to it!).

Option 5: Paint it black, update doors and build a new arch

This is obviously the most dramatic change! For months, I have been envisioning a black arch cabinet (like this, this, or this), but couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. I knew I would be able to find something on Facebook Marketplace for a fraction of the cost and DIY it to be the same style.

This one would take some more work on my end, but I think I could do it! I would remove the existing arches and doors, and make my own! This would TOTALLY change the cabinet and overall vibe, but I think it could be great too! Plus, Nick told me that this option looks very shleek (chic + sleek) 😂.

What do you think!? Which is your favorite option?

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