Facebook Marketplace Find: Vintage Bookcase

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Today I’m sharing the latest addition to our home, this vintage bookcase from Facebook Marketplace! When we painted our living room, I decided to finally move the Ikea Kallax Shelf to the basement to use as toy storage, and bring something a little bit more grown up into it’s place. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Ikea furniture and I have multiple Kallax shelves in my house, but it was time for a change. For the longest time, I have wanted a black arch cabinet like the Ventana Glass Display Cabinet from Crate and Barrel or the Fern Storage Cabinet from Anthropologie or the Apolline Curio Cabinet from Lulu and Georgia. TL;DR: These are all VERY expensive.

I have like a mental block against spending so much money on a single piece so instead I decided to look to Facebook Marketplace to see if I could find anything close that I could DIY to look similar. When I came across this bookcase, I knew I needed to grab it. For only $147, I got this awesome Mid Century Modern cabinet with a TON of character.

I have been grappling with whether or not I should paint it and/or make some modifications to it, but plan to live with it as is for a while and then make a decision. Honestly, I LOVE the way it is right now, and may just keep it this way!

For now, I just grabbed decor I already owned from around my house, but I plan to curate some new decor for this bookcase and will share those things along the way! I’ll also plan to share some of my ideas for if I do decide to change this up!

What do you think!? Would you keep it as is or paint it?


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