We Found A Secret Room In Our House

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So… You know how people always say to expect the unexpected during a remodel? Well, I really don’t think we could have EVER expected what we found in our bathroom today… ANOTHER FREAKING ROOM!

Just beyond what used to be our shower wall, our contractor noticed that one piece of insulation was sagging a bit, leaving a gap between the studs. When he pushed on the insulation to check it out, it totally fell away and revealed a huge room on the other side! Needless to say, we were in shock! We have this octagonal window above our garage, and I have ALWAYS wondered where the other side of the window was. It’s sooo satisfying to FINALLY have an answer.

We have been speculating and think that this was potentially an optional addition that the first owners of this house could have added when they were building it. It even has a functional light in the room (I was shocked that the bulb still worked). After doing a bit more investigating, there is actually an access point through our closet, but we never really noticed it because it was boarded up and painted the same color as the wall. I am kicking myself for not investigating further before today.

Of course, now our wheels are spinning on ALL the different possibilities for this new found space. Could it be added to the bathroom? Should we expand the closet? Add another laundry room? What about a sauna? Man cave? Workout room? Play room? Safe room? More likely, at least in the short term, we will insulate the walls, lay some plywood on the floors, and add a larger door to the back of our closet to use this as storage space. We have always complained that there is absolutely zero storage in this house and are already bursting at the seams after just 3 years of living here. This really is a GAME CHANGER!

Maybe one day we will do something super fun in here, but for now, our focus is on our bathroom remodel!


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  • Omg!!! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see the final results. I’m sure you’ll have a Fantastic idea for your secret room😍

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